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This site is intended as a resource for PPHS students taking my courses and anyone else interested in literary and political forms and questions.

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2011-2012 Academic Year

Welcome back, everyone. Please use this site as a primary reference for current course activities.

Alchemy is the art of transmutation. Historically, this is referring to the transmutation of common metals into gold or the creation of a panacea, which is a cure-all: the elixir of life. We may not be able to turn water into wine or iron into gold or find that magical fountain of youth in a bottle, but we can mix the drive to know, to learn and to grow with knowledge. This is where the lore comes in. If lore is "the knowledge and information related to a particular subject, especially when it is not written down," then the objective of this site is to create a link between alchemy and lore to inform a new mode of being in this world.

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