English IV Syllabus--2nd Semester

English IV is a course designed to introduce students to some of the major issues, writers and forms found in the history of British literature. This course will teach students how to analyze and appreciate literary texts and write critical arguments about these works as we investigate some of the questions of literary history. The course’s primary focus is on the process of composing logically organized, well-supported and mechanically polished argumentative essays about the texts and ideas we will study.
This course will use British literature as a vehicle for thinking about what it means to be a citizen of today, a time many argue is of economic, political and cultural demise in America. The root of this shift is said to be in the decline of American education—specifically with students at all levels becoming increasingly less literate. What can we learn about ourselves in the preservation of literature by reading it? In other words, what does it mean to become what Bradbury calls the “book people” in Fahrenheit 451? We will look at issues of colonization, the role of the Artist and possibly elements of the Avant-Garde in our exploration of what it means to be a new citizen, a citizen of today in America.


Each student should already be registered for the forums. If you’re new, you will need to visit the above address (computers are available in the room) and register. I’ll be calling on students randomly to type up the day’s agenda on the forums. This will count towards your participation grade.


Please be on time. If you come in after the tardy bell and you have a pass, please sign in and leave your pass in the folder.
Bring your materials to class. No locker visits. Ever.
Materials: notebook/folder, pen, loose-leaf paper
As before, save all writing in portfolio. Quizzes and notes should be in your notebook.
SAVE ALL WORK. All of it. Yup. All of it.
Policies (some mine, some theirs)
NO CAN DRINKS, gum, food, candy or basically anything that isn’t a bottled drink. Bottles have lids. Use them.
If you need to use the restroom, sign out. There is no need to interrupt class--just sign out and go. If you abuse this process (by using the RR more than 3 times per 6 weeks), you will have a detention.
Check the forums daily. Use class computers before/after class if access is an issue. My room is also open during both lunches. So...no excuses for not being connected!


Informal Papers & Classwork
Write on one side of the paper only (this is a form of respect)
Name, date, period # and assignment name should be on each page
Paragraphs and longer works should be uniquely titled
NO spirals
Formal Papers
Typed or neatly handwritten
Double spaced
Conform to MLA formatting (Name, date, class, assignment title in left hand corner; last name and page number in upper right hand margin of each page)
Unique title
Front side only

Late Work
I don’t accept it unless prior arrangements have been made. If you will be absent on the day a major assignment is due, you MUST send it to me with another reliable student, a parent or via email at LS@alchemyandlore.com or blatterl@pcsb.org. You may also call or text me. If you don’t already have my cell number, please ask.

If you need to make up an assignment, it is your responsibility to visit the forums for the assignment and stay after school if needed. I will not accept late work beyond the number of days you were absent unless you discuss the issue with me privately in advance.

Basically: you need to talk to me if you want me to work with you.


Girl (handout)
from An Essay on Man (WB 95)
A Modest Proposal (WB 99)
from Gulliver’s Travels (Text 488)
Top of the Food Chain (Text 509)
from Candide (Text 538)
Shooting an Elephant (WB 257)
How Much Land Does a Man Need? (Text 883)
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (Novel)

Major Writing Assignments
Character Analysis
Tone Analysis (Swift)
Imagery and Symbolism

Minor Writing Assignments
Guided Responses to Readings
In-class Structured Writings