Response Rubric

Last Name


Date / Period #

Response # 1: The Response Paper <--name of assignment

Unique Title


The Response Paper
25 point response

  • follows paper formatting guidelines
  • at least 250 words
  • does not summarize
  • references the text at least twice, using proper MLA citation
  • engages the text on the level of the idea being presented
  • employs well developed paragraphs:
    • topic sentence
    • thesis
    • details from text to support idea / thesis
    • draws larger conclusions about self, other, community, humanity, etc. based on text
    • offers insightful and creative perspective

20 point response

  • follows most paper formatting guidelines
  • at least 250 words
  • minimal summary (no more than one sentence)
  • at least 2 textual references, cited but not necessarily done correctly
  • engages the text on the level of the idea, but not as well as the 25 point response
  • employs well developed paragraphs (see 25 point) but may stray off-topic
  • attempts to struggle with the larger conclusions and insightful perspective

15 point response

  • follows some paper formatting guidelines
  • at least 200 words
  • some summary
  • only references the text once / reference is not in quotes or properly cited
  • attempts to make meaning from text
  • paragraphs incomplete or choppy, few details from text to support ideas

5-10 point response

  • fewer than 200 words, not typed, sloppy copy, spiral edges / generally does not follow paper formatting guidelines
  • summarizes more than engages ideas
  • does not reference the text directly or references inappropriately
  • does not attempt to make meaning / seek understanding of the text
  • poorly developed paragraph(s)


    • Name, Date, Period #, Page # (if more than one page) and Assignment on upper left hand corner of the first page; last name and page number in the upper right hand corner of EACH page.
    • Title of Assignment on top line, double spaced, 1” margins on all sides, clean edges
    • INK!